7 Tips to Help you De-Clutter for the New Year

Are you tired of dealing with the clutter and junk you have laying around?
Start 2019 with a clean sweep! From fitness to financial resolutions, there is no better time than the new year to pursue your goals. And all of your goals are going to be a lot easier to achieve in a clean, clutter-free environment. Here are some tips you can use to help you get rid of your junk:

7 Tips to Help you De-Clutter for the New Year

Don’t do it all at Once: If you’re like me and you let clutter stack up to exponential proportions, any type of clean up can feel overwhelming. To help prevent this, focus on just getting started. Be reasonable with yourself and do your best to make a little bit of progress every day.
Make a Yes or No Rule: Once you start cleaning out your junk, it can be hard to decide what you should or should not get rid of. When you come across an item that you like but don’t have a lot of use for immediately, it can be tempting keep it. But this mentality just leads to more clutter, wasted time, and frustration. Instead, make a yes or no rule for yourself when you are getting rid of your junk. Either keep each item or throw it out. But don’t delay the decision.
Consider the Konmari Method: To help you with your yes or no rule, consider using the Konmari method to decide whether or not to keep your stuff. This method of de-cluttering focuses on asking yourself a simple question to decide whether or not to keep the item. Does it spark joy? If so, keep it. If not, throw it out.
Sell Your Junk: Once you have picked some items to get rid of, you need to figure out a way to get them off your hands. You can sell the stuff that you don’t want, provided it’s still in good condition. Sites like eBay or Craigslist can be a great resource to find buyers for your old stuff. If you have the time and the motivation, you can even host a yard sale as well!
Donate Your Junk: Another good option to get rid of your junk is to donate it. By doing so, you’ll be supporting a worthy cause while de-cluttering. Organizations like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and The Salvation Army all take donations. Typically, all you have to do is just drop your junk off at a donation site–so you don’t have to worry about organizing a yard sale or dealing with eBay or Craigslist.
Call G.I. Junk: Do you just want to get rid of your junk without the headache of sorting and de-cluttering yourself? Give us a call today! Our expert team of Veterans are eager to tackle any junk removal project, no matter how big or small. We’ll work quickly and professionally to help you de-clutter for the new year–leaving you the time to focus on your resolutions instead of cleanup.
Make a System for the Future: Finally, there’s probably a reason why your junk built up in the first place. Maybe you have a hard time keeping track of stuff–so when you can’t find an item you need, you buy a new one. Or perhaps you have a habit of holding onto things that aren’t useful to you because you think you might need them someday (even if you probably won’t). Once you’ve de-cluttered and gotten rid of all of your junk, spend a little bit of time creating a system to prevent more junk build up in the future.

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