Real Estate

Don’t let JUNK stand between you and a smooth sale!

We can tackle excessive clutter, non-functioning hot tubs or appliances, defunct outbuildings or fences, yard debris, uncertified wood stoves, and more.

Property Management

When your renters/tenants leave a mess behind, it is our mission to get your property turnover-ready ASAP. We take care of the junk removal so you can do what you do best – managing your property.

Construction / Remodel

Leave the site clean up to us. Let your skilled employees focus on what they do best and get on to the next job. Our quotes often come in less than a dumpster rental, and we complete all the work.

Commercial Office

Updating your office decor and unsure how to dispose of your old items? We can remove cubicles, desks & chairs, medical/dental equipment, flooring, and more.

Industrial Warehouse

We can clear your warehouse space of broken machinery, old restaurant equipment, pallets of defective products, waste packaging, and more.

This is not a complete list. To find out more about our services or contact us for a free estimate by calling 971.444.5364

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