Electronics Removal

Whether it’s a computer, stereo, TV, or printer, electronics wear out faster than almost any other item. And while it’s easy to buy new electronics, disposing of them can be hard! Garbage removal for electronics is a very particular process due to a variety of safety reasons. Electronics are some of the most consistently-replaced devices you can own. It’s only a matter of time before the next bigger, better device is launched, and you’re left scrambling to update your hardware. Ideally, you repair and sell your old electronics online, but sometimes your device is so outdated that chucking it and getting a new one is the better option. For Example, Many Electronics Contain All Kinds Of Harmful Materials Like Lead, A Substance You Definitely Do Not Want To Spend A Lot Of Time Working With. Garbage Recycling For Electronics Needs To Be Done In A Certain Way For This Reason. But Navigating The Recycling Process For Electronic Junk On Your Own Can Be Time-Consuming And Frustrating! That’s Where G.I. Junk Comes In. Our Team Members Are Experts At Electronics Recycling And Will Remove And Dispose Of Your Old Electronics Quickly And Safely. Just Give Us A Call And Relax, Knowing That Your Electronics Are Being Recycled In The Most Eco-Friendly Way!

Why Choose G.I. Junk Removal?

When you choose G.I. Junk Removal for your junk removal and hauling needs, you are supporting the Veterans who own and operate our company. Also, because we are local and independently owned, your money stays right here in our community. When you use a large franchise like 1-800-Got-Junk, College Hunks, Junk Kings, etc, a hefty portion of the money you spend leaves the Portland Metro area for good.

Let us be clear, though. We don't view support of our Veterans as an act of charity. (Read more about that HERE) What we know to be true is that the men and women who have served our country are dedicated to service, and work incredibly well as teams. They aren't afraid to get dirty, and they won't shrug off a challenge. Our shared histories of service and sacrifice prepare us to work hard together to get the job done right.

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