Tips for Decluttering

With Marie Kondo Fever hitting the entire nation, we are now getting more motivated to get rid of our junk, declutter our spaces, and live in areas that give us peace of mind. It’s good for our minds and bodies, and sometimes even our relationships with our families, ourselves — and our stuff!

If you’re new to decluttering or it’s been a while, here are some great tips that can serve as a great refresher or give you a head start on how to declutter your space — just in time for that spring clean!

1. Donate!

Donate your “junk” — it can always been someone else’s treasure! There is always someone who would love the toaster or chair you don’t like. Never doubt the power of donation. While there are traditional avenues like Salvation Army and Goodwill, consider more specific avenues, like art resale stores, hardware and restoration centers, as well as shelters, nonprofits, and even schools.

2. Look to Your Friends

Your friends might just love your sense of style, so consider gifting to the people who admire and like you. Even better, throw a trade party to help them declutter too (BUT – a key declutter tip — only take HALF as many items as you give away — and 20% is better!)

3. Recycle!

Always consider recycling whatever you can. Wondering what you can? Look here for great tips!

You can even recycle appliances, furniture and paint if you know where to look. Your local waste management center can give you lots of great resources on how to get rid of old paint that hasn’t become too old or cold, and some nonprofits even accept working appliances, and shelters love your furniture.

4. Repurpose!

It doesn’t have to be a big project to repurpose a piece of furniture. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as a new coat of paint, or even as easy as some WD-40 and new handle knobs. It can even be a fun project for the entire family. But if repurposing big items isn’t your thing, think of how you can repurpose small ones. An old vase from a flower bouquet can become a new utensil or pencil holder. The possibilities are endless. We even have our own great ideas right here. Repurposing your junk helps you declutter AND recycle, which is a win for your peace of mind.

Got Junk?

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