How You Can Dispose of Your Household Hazardous Materials

After any renovation project or household clean up, you may find that you have several items that are hazardous to dispose of by simply disposing of them in the trash. It’s important that you stay aware of your city’s guidelines on how to dispose of household hazardous waste. The expired paint, old weed killer, and dead batteries may pose a risk to the community by leaking chemicals or catching fire.

1. Never Pour Items Down the Drain!

This is not only bad for your own plumbing but can find its way into the water supply, which can be hard to filter out. Many chemical liquids are not only corrosive but hard to filter out with traditional filter methods. They also pose a risk to the sanitation workers responsible for processing them.

2. Don’t Store Your Hazardous Waste Around Children, Pets, or Food.

Many household hazardous waste items are not only poisonous, but fumes can also contaminate food and cause health hazards to the home.

3. Always Read the Label.

Most of your household hazardous waste has specific storage, usage and disposal instructions. Always be sure to follow the instructions on the label to avoid risks.

4. Beware of Empty Containers!

Even empty containers that contained hazardous household waste still pose a risk due to fumes and residual chemicals leftover. Use the same caution and care to dispose of containers as you would the chemicals themselves.

5. Think of ways to reduce your household hazardous waste.

Here are some great ways to make some items that can be hazardous in your home — with natural methods!

6. When In Doubt, Check.

Your state has a host of information and resources to assist. You can always check online (like the State of Oregon right here!) in order to keep your home healthy, safe, and hazard free — for both your own space and your community as well. You can also learn from junk removal companies, like us, which give great tips and outlines on how to properly dispose of paint and appliances.

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