Uncertified Wood Stove Removal

Uncertified Wood Stove Removal

If you are selling your home or would like to install a new wood stove you are required by law, in the state of Oregon, to destroy and dispose of the wood stove. There are several ways to responsibly dispose of a wood stove.
In 2009, the Oregon Legislature passed these laws to protect people from the fire hazard and unhealthy smoke pollution that uncertified wood stoves create. There is no way to get an uncertified wood stove certified. Removal is your best option. Here are some important things to know when it comes to uncertified wood stove removal.

Wood Stove Removal DO’s and DON’Ts

Don’t Break the Law – If you do not handle your responsibilities as a homeowner, not only can you be punished. You risk invalidating your homeowner’s insurance and putting others at risk.
Do Check for Uncertified Wood Stoves – Look for a sticker. Certified wood stoves have stickers that demonstrate their compliance. The sticker is given by either Oregon DEQ or the Environmental Protection Agency. If your stove does not have this sticker it is not certified and posed a safety hazard.
Don’t Sell Your Stove – It is illegal to sell an uncertified wood stove. If you do so you could subject yourself to fines and other punishments.
Do Hire a Professional – While it is legal to remove an uncertified wood stove by yourself, it is more responsible to let professionals handle the matter. Here, at G.I. Junk Removal, we dispose of and destroy uncertified wood stoves according to DEQ standards. We then provide them with documentation that the stove has been properly disposed of. Let us handle the hassle, so you don’t have to.

Destruction of an Uncertified Wood Stove

While it is highly recommended that you let professionals, like us, handle the disposal of your wood stove, there are ways to do it oneself. The destruction of a wood stove is only complete “when it is demolished to the extent that it cannot be restored or reused as a heating device.”
Oregon’s DEQ suggests cutting holes that are 4 inches or greater on the top and sides of the stove and permanently removing the door and hinges. Once this has been done, you can get a removal company to dispose of the stove or dispose of it yourself at a pre-approved location.
Keep in mind that if done improperly you can still face penalties for noncompliance with your uncertified wood stove removal. You can find more information on the subject at Oregon’s DEQ website.

Try G.I. Junk

If you find yourself in need of an uncertified wood stove disposal, give us a call or book us online. We provide excellent service and remove the stove in compliance with DEQ standards. We even handle getting you with certification that shows you’ve legally met the state’s requirements. We provide this to the buyer, seller, and real estate agent.
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