Commercial Junk Removal

Small businesses are the backbone of the Portland Metro community, and no matter how long you have been in operations, all businesses will eventually accumulate tons of junk. Old office equipment like desks, chairs, computers, and furniture can be an office manager's worst nightmare, and putting it off only makes it worse in the long run. Expanding office space should be a ribbon of achievement for business-owners, a sign that your enterprise is entering the next level and needs more surface area to work efficiently. Upgrading your operations with new equipment does not have to come with the added worry of what you need to do with your old office furniture.

Common reasons businesses accumulate so much junk include:

Office expansion: 

More Space Means Buying More New Furniture, Potentially Replacing Your Old Decor.

Hardware upgrades: 

This Is Especially True For Rapidly-Expanding Companies When You Scale Up Your Operating System, You Often Replace The Hardware Along With It.


Sometimes Office Equipment Just Burns Out, And This Is Very Common With Computers.


This Is Critically True For Businesses That Generate A Lot Of Paper Waste.

GI Junk Removal services offices with commercial waste and commercial junk throughout the greater Portland Metro area. No matter how much clutter you have, our team staffed with mainly Veterans are readily available to assist you in removing junk, waste, and outdated equipment. No matter if your base of operations is in office buildings, warehouses, or even small storefronts, we are ready to solve your problem and reduce your junk.

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Why Choose G.I. Junk Removal?

When you choose G.I. Junk Removal for your junk removal and hauling needs, you are supporting the Veterans who own and operate our company. Also, because we are local and independently owned, your money stays right here in our community. When you use a large franchise like 1-800-Got-Junk, College Hunks, Junk Kings, etc, a hefty portion of the money you spend leaves the Portland Metro area for good.

Let us be clear, though. We don't view support of our Veterans as an act of charity. (Read more about that HERE) What we know to be true is that the men and women who have served our country are dedicated to service, and work incredibly well as teams. They aren't afraid to get dirty, and they won't shrug off a challenge. Our shared histories of service and sacrifice prepare us to work hard together to get the job done right.

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(Please see the shaded portion of the map showing our core service area. If you're outside of this area, we can still discuss whether it would be feasible for us to travel to accommodate your needs.)

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