Our Core Values

Core values are principles to help us guide our behavior, to help us make decisions, and to provide a moral compass for our employees and the company. We have 5 core values at G.I. Junk Removal:


The Oxford Dictionary defines "integrity" like this:


1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral prightness.

"He Is Known To Be A Man Of Integrity"

2. the state of being whole and undivided.

 "Upholding Territorial Integrity And National Sovereignty"

But putting it more simply,

Integrity = Doing what you say

At G.I. Junk Removal, Integrity is expected and required from the very top levels of company leadership to our newest of employees.



We communicate respectfully to our customers and to each other.


We respect our customers' homes and places of business.

We leave these spaces cleaner than we found them.


We treat our customers' property with respect.

Even those items that are being removed may hold emotional or psychological significance in a way that we can't understand.

Exceptional Service

Every Employee Goes Above And Beyond What Our Customers Expect Out Of Typical Customer Service Interactions. We Always Go The Extra Mile To Show The Customer Our Compassion And Respect For Them, Their Homes Or Businesses, And Their Property.

Mission First

Mission First Means That We Always Put The Job First. Whether You Are Doing A Simple Couch Removal Or A Big, Complex Commercial Clean Out Project We Always Give 100% Focus And Dedication To The Task At Hand. We Work Quickly, Efficiently, And Respectfully. Every Time!

Compassionate Approach

Compassionate Approach Means We Treat Our Customers With Care, Kindness, And Compassion No Matter What The Job.

We Enter Into People's Most Sacred Spaces- Their Private Homes To Dispose Of Items That May Have Incredible Sentimental Value To The Customer-Even If It Looks Like "Junk" On The Outside.

Whether We Are Doing A Simple Couch Pick Up Or Doing A Large Hoarder Clean Up, We Never Pass Judgment On Our Customers Or Their Situations. No Matter How Big The Mess Or The Reason For It, We Always Act With Compassion.

Location & Hours

We come to you!

Just give us a call and we'll meet you at your location throughout the Portland Metro area and in Salem.

(Please see the shaded portion of the map showing our core service area. If you're outside of this area, we can still discuss whether it would be feasible for us to travel to accommodate your needs.)

Portland, Oregon

Vancouver, Washington

Open 7 days/week from 8am-6pm!